Artificial Intelligence Research Institute(AIRI) aims to become an AI Innovation Leader by using human-centered AI technology to solve our industrial and social problems and create a better world to live in.

  • Finance AI

    We develop hyper-personalized financial AI service using artificial intelligence technology.
    We lead innovation in the financial industry with hyper-personalized financial models and personalized financial product recommendation services , based on deep learning technology, a key technology in the 4th industrial revolution.
  • Character AI

    We develop character contents production system using deep learning technology.
    We strive to innovate the digital content market by developing AI technology that converts human expressions, voices and movements into characters and provide an easy and convenient production system.
  • Vision AI

    We develop and provide the embedded vision technology of the world-class standard.
    We develop and provide the world-class embedded vision technology, based on deep learning technology and engineering power accumulated through various research and development experience.
Leading with Research

AIRI brings together individuals with his or her best competence in each field and creates a foundation for practical artificial intelligence development.